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Updated for Coronavirus

EmergiProtect is now updated with wellness checks and virus mitigation to help you operate in compliance to the pandemic coronavirus State of Emergency operations guidance happening around the country.

Employee wellness monitoring in restaurants has always been an important public health intervention of hazards in a foodservice business as described by the FDA (often called a business Health Policy) because a single sick employee with a foodborne illness that prepares food can cause a large foodborne disease outbreak (e.g., norovirus).  Now most foodservice businesses are required to also perform wellness checks for signs and symptoms of pandemic coronavirus. EmergiProtect has been updated with new wellness check procedures.

Employee personal hygiene controls (e.g., hand washing that includes cleaning and sanitizing hands, proper glove use, etc.) has also been an important intervention of hazards.  However, now personal hygiene controls include respiratory etiquette, avoidance of touching eyes, nose, mouth, avoidance of close contact during work (6 feet rule). We have added these new personal hygiene controls to EmergiProtect with this update.

Likewise, cleaning and sanitation has always been critical to the prevention of cross contamination of food (e.g., via sanitation of high touch surfaces that can lead to cross contamination with norovirus). However, now during pandemic coronavirus, foodservice businesses must also disinfect all high touch and commonly used surfaces that could be the source of transmission of viruses to employees and customers.

Active Food Safety has worked around the clock to bring you all of this new information inside EmergiProtect, and with the help of GOJO®, it is now totally FREE. Download today and protect your restaurant!

EmergiProtect is updated continuously using the most current CDC guidelines for wellness checks and virus mitigation in businesses during pandemic coronavirus.

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EmergiProtect provides Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP’s) for your managers to use without looking for a paper manual or checklist. The app is developed, tested, and continuously updated by experts in public health and food safety management. Contact the experts if you need help!

Keep Your Restaurant
Safe Against:

Employee Illness

Power Outage

Body Fluid Cleanup


Illness and

Perform Wellness Checks to ensure employees don’t work when sick. Know when an employee can return to work after they have been excluded.

Boiled Water Notice

Manage the appropriate steps to take before, during, and after a boil water notice. No more worry.

Body Fluid Cleanup

Ensure you clean and disinfect exposed surfaces without contaminating employees and the kitchen area.


Prepare to keep foods safe before a power outage occurs and work through a current power outage.


Ensure all personal hygiene and environmental contamination controls are being practiced by employees.


Impending Hurricane or other disaster? Execute the perfect response to help keep your employees and your customers safe!

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Retail foodservice and sales establishments are considered critical infrastructure businesses during pandemic coronavirus. However, they must operate under State of Emergency law that includes screening employees for symptoms of illness and assurance of personal hygiene and virus mitigation controls. Ensure your managers have the app on their smart phones now - it’s FREE!

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